Darts01 is the third in a string of general darts information websites. All three differ slightly so each has their own unique content. Darts01 is designed to give general information about the sport of darts that viewers frequently look for on the internet. It also provides a small portion of historic information, past major event winners, history of the sport in general and the latest event information.

I have also written a few professional dart players websites and provided graphics and articles that have been used in books and dart magazines.

I have personally researched areas of the sport to provide answers many have asked. However, I am not a historian but have in the past worked with Dr Patrick Chaplin or as some may know him as ‘Dr Darts!


So, who am I?

I am now a full-time developer and web designer. However, I have not been a developer all my career. For nearly 20 years I worked for a blue-chip chemical firm. I have been involved in operational management and analytical work. However, from a young age I have always loved computer programming and had a stint at Uni studying business computer programming, this was before the World Wide Web as we see it today.

After a long break from programming and a career of a computer user rather than a programmer, I decided to take a further course in web design and development which is totally different from the COBOL, FORTRAN and Pascal and other business programs I had started to learn 20 years before.

Since the early stages of the internet and internet browsers, things have changed quite a lot. Systems have got faster, broadband is now worldwide and the internet can be accessed via watched and hand-held devices hence to say, all things change.

Websites written several years ago tend not to be mobile friendly, so my own websites have been written, and rewritten to embrace new technology. So hopefully you will find this website is easy to use and can now be instantly translated into 48 languages.


So why Darts?

While studying for web design exams I decided to write a website as this would use all the skills I would be tested on. Although darts wasn’t my first choice it fitted the criteria that would fit my web design needs. I knew a lot about the sport, I had played it for years all over the UK, played league and followed the professional game since it started.

While writing it the tutors were eagerly wanting to read it. They too love and followed the sport but probably not as much that I had. I came to realise I knew a lot more about the sport than I initially realised. Hence to say I have shared this information with others so you can all enjoy.

I have well over 2 Million visitors each year to my websites and this grows year on year.

My development isn’t just darts related, but let's say for a modern phrase it is my passion.


Where did I first start playing darts?

Well, at the age of approximately 7, I threw my first darts at home where most people start at that age! By my early teens I had done dart marathons raising money for a school charity and by the age of eighteen, I was playing in my first pub dart league in London.

Like with most things other interests took over and work for a while meant that my regular dart matches had to be put to one side. But a move north several years later I picked up the arrows again and would play most night. I joined local teams and played league again. By this time, I was attending, but not competing, BDO and PDC tournaments and through these, I have managed to meet a lot of the professional players.

When I first started to write a serious dart website few existed on the internet and they were mainly sites dedicated to the major organisations or UK County teams. A major hole for general information, so I decided to write one. After contacting the major organisation and manufacturers I got their total support. And they kindly provided me with some graphic material that I required. Once I wrote the site many linked their websites to it and promoted it as a good resource site. This website was Darts501.com

You can read more about me and Darts501.com on the Darts501.com website.


So why another website?

Well sometimes a website can become overloaded and the structure needs to be revisited when you want to take areas of the site into a different direction or you want to expand an area that had not been fully covered.

Darts-UK was born several years later. This website was designed to cover mainly UK dart events and a bit more. So I recorded and update the history of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland darts events here. For someone looking for events that full under the BDO /WDF UK ruling then this website fits.

Darts01, this website, covers parts of Darts501 and Darts-UK. It also has its own unique content. It just has more and will grow even bigger over time so please revisit


Want to know more?

You can read more about darts and me on Darts501.com look under About Darts501 here you can read more about my darts and other family members that played the sport.

Thanks go to all that have supported my darts websites and made them what they are today.





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