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Rest in Peace Keith Shone - Pure Darts

I received very sad news from Nicola Shone that her father, Keith Shone, passed away on Monday 19th April. Many players would have known Keith over the past fifty-plus years as a player but also a legend in the sport of darts.

If you were unlucky not to meet Keith, you might well have had business dealing with him via Tommy's Darts International, Pure Darts or the Darts Super Store. Keith started his very successful darts distribution business in the 1970s and has thousands of loyal customers. His business supplied darts equipment to amateur, professional players, many clubs, bars, pubs across the UK and around the World.

Keith was a true darts fan and encouraged everyone that picked up an arrow. He was a workaholic even when his health didn't permit such exertion. He was also a big supporter of Darts501.com / Darts-UK.co.uk and Darts01.com as these sites give unbiased darts information, which mirrored his love for the sport.

Keith would be proud to see his business left in his daughter Nicola's excellent and capable hands. Nicola has worked with her father for over twenty, and she has informed me she will be continuing to run and develop the family business for years to come. The one thing I can assure readers that the work ethic Keith installed into his family will continue, and I wish you all to support Nicola and her small dedicated team in the years to come.

Pure Darts is open for business, but due to the COVID restrictions, phone orders are currently not being taken. Please use their online order form, and if you can not find what you are looking for, please send them an email.

I wish to convey my condolences to Keith's family.

RIP Keith, a true dart legend and friend.



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