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PDC Darts Premier League Darts: Night Eight & Nine - Ahoy Arena, Rotterdan, Netherlands, 27-28th March Sky Sports

Round Eight and Nine of the PDC Premier League comes from the Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thee 2019 Premier League is one of the closely contested events to date and night seven proved how tough the league can be.

Daryl Gurney proved he still has it in him to make the final cut with a 7-5 win over Michael van Gerwen in Berlin.

Barney kept his hopes alive with his first win in this year's Premier League, beating the Max Hopp, the German Contender 7-3. However, it is Rob Cross who heads up the league table with a 7-4 victory against Gerwyn Price.

Mensur also moves up with a 7-2 victory over Michael Smith who moves to down to eighth place.

Still, no wins from any of this year’s contenders.

After round Nine (Judgement Night) the lowest player in the League will be eliminated from the contest. Barney will be hoping for a double win in Rotterdam however his will also be hoping for Micheal Smith not to make any further ground.

Full Premier League Details can be found on the website

PDC Tournament Ticket Centre


BDO Darts British Internationals: Hosted by The Scottish Darts Association - 5-7th April 2019 BDO YouTube

The British international team event returns to Scottland this year. The England squad will be missing the three-time BDO World Darts Champion Glen Durrant and former BDO No.1 Mark McGeeney from this year's line-up. Both players won two-year PDC tour cards in January and have moved away from the BDO.

Trina Gulliver MBE will again form part of the Egland ladies squad. She is the most capped England ladies player and will add to her tally of caps in April. The live streaming of this event is normally available via the BDO YouTube channel. See the BDO / SDA websites for more details.


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PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - March

1-3 UK Open Minehead ITV4 /  ITV Sport
7 Premier League Darts 5 Aberdeen Sky Sports
14 Premier League Darts 6 Nottingham Sky Sports
16 Players Championship 7 Wigan PDCHD
17 Players Championship 8 Wigan PDCHD
21 Premier League Darts 7 Germany Sky Sports
27 Premier League Darts 8 Netherlands Sky Sports
28 Premier League Darts 9 Netherlands Sky Sports


PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - April

4 Premier League Darts 10 Belfast Sky Sports
11 Premier League Darts 11 Liverpool Sky Sports
18 Premier League Darts 12 Cardiff Sky Sports
25 Premier League Darts 13 Birmingham Sky Sports


BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - March

7 - 10 Isle of Man Classic / Open Isle of Man TBC
9 - 10 BDDA Winmau Open Birmingham
10 -17 Torremolinos Festival of Darts Torremolinos
15 - 17 Hub City Open Canada
15 - 17 West Fries Open Netherlands
23 - 24 Acropolis Darts / Greek Open Greece
30 Winmau Iceland Open Iceland


BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - April

5 - 7 BDO British Internationals Scotland LiveYouTube
12 - 14 Bull's German Open / Masters Germany TBC
20 - 21 Estonian Open / Masters Estonia
20 South Island Masters N. Zealand  
28 North Island Masters N. Zealand


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Welcome to Darts Information website.

Darts01 is a UK dart information website, covering a number of aspects relating to darts. Here you will find information as regards the history of the sport and dartboards used over time. It is a general information website that has been well researched that I hope all dart players regardless of level can enjoy.

If you are just looking for some basic ‘01 rules or games you can play on a standard dartboard then there should be enough on here to whet your appetite.   If you just want to know how to set-up your standard dartboard or looking for information on some of the UK regional dartboards then again you have found the right place for this information.

New players may like to take a look at the darts checkout page where you can download and print a ’01 checkout chart for your own use. These are useful when you are starting to learn the game and can help you memorise two and three dart combination finishes. If you are a disabled player then I have some resource information on this website that you might find useful. This includes the dartboard set-up for a wheelchair user and a copy of the disability regulations. There are also links to the World Disability Darts Association and the British Disability Darts Association on this page.

Players that want to improve their games might like the section ‘Practice’. Here you will find some guidelines on how to improve your throw, accuracy and checkouts. However, as the heading states ‘Practice’ is the key.

Over the years of playing darts and researching the game, I have come across a number of articles that have not been researched correctly. Basically, information that has been provided with good intent but is in fact wrong. I hope to cover a lot of the facts and myths on this website and address a number of the FAQ that has plagued the sport for many a year.

This website is not about giving you the latest stats on players as this is well covered on the main darts governing bodies websites and dedicated dart players information websites. However, if you are looking for major dart tournament information calendars then you will find them here. You will also find previous winners of the events including the events such as the News of the World individual Championships that is no longer played.

The news section covers some of the major tournaments due to be played or played depending when you read it.

There should be something on this website that will either help your game, improve your knowledge or just provide you with some entertainment. Sid Waddell Quotes, terms used in darts, how to clean darts, Players nickname, walk-on music or even how to change the dart points.

Viewers may find some of this information featured on this website also appears on some of the other dart websites I write. However, each of the websites is unique in their own way, whether it is a players website or a dart information website.

Please enjoy the website.

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PDC Tournament News - Darts Tournaments from the PDC

Michael van Gerwen 2019 PDC World Darts Champion

PDC World Darts Champions

Michael van Gerwen claimed his third PDC World Title on New Years Day. He beat Michael ‘Bully Boy’ Smith 7-3 in the final.

The final was a numerous affair for both players but Smith failed to show a repeat performance his semi-final match allowing Gerwen to dominate the match.

Michael van Gerwen 2017 PDC World Darts Champion
2017 PDC World Champion

Michael van Gerwen

Gary Anderson 2016 World Darts Champion
2016 PDC World Champion

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson 2015 World Darts Champion
2015 PDC World Champion

Gary Anderson


2019 PDC Darts Tournament Events Calendar can be viewed online, downloaded and printed for personal use. Details are subject to change without prior notice so please check with event organisers to confirm details featured.

2019 PDC Calendar


BDO Tournament News - Darts Tournaments from the BDO

Glen Durrant Ashton 2018 BDO World Darts Champions

BDO World Darts Champions

Glen Durrant claimed his third World Championship title beating Scott Waites. Glen is the second player to win three consecutive World Championships

Mikuru Suzuki wins her first World Championship on her maiden attempt she beat Lorraine Winstanley 3-0


2019 BDO Darts Tournament Events Calendar can be viewed online, downloaded and printed for personal use. Details are subject to change without prior notice so please check with event organisers to confirm details featured.

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